As most of you know, I have been wanting to start a blog for quite some time now. I finally got around to do doing so and hope I can inspire and help lots of you to save money!

My seriousness for couponing started a little over 2 years ago when I was laid off from my full-time job. I had the time and definitely needed to save money so I began figuring out how I could do this. I have always been a coupon user but never really used them to their full potential. With time, research, and bargain hunting I was able to build a stockpile in about 6 months. My stockpile has not only helped me and my family but others in need. I have donated to a few shelters, to many homes and continue to do so. Aside from my stockpile I have been able to save hundreds of dollars over the years and use the money towards other important things.

So after being asked countless times just how I do it, here is your chance to learn how. I won’t lie, it takes a lot of time and patience. The end result and your bank account is the satisfaction from all of your hard work.

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